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Due to the astronomic increase in prices by WHMCS, many web hosting companies are now utilizing Blesta for billing automation and account provisioning because it is a sophisticated billing system. Blesta is popular among web hosting providers because it is made up entirely of open source code. That means you can inspect the source code of nearly every file.


Many control panel, payment gateway, and registrar modules are included with Blesta. These modules allow web hosting companies to automate billing by integrating their servers, payment gateways, and registrars.

As services renew, invoices are generated automatically. You decide how far ahead of time invoices for renewing services should be generated. Invoices can be emailed, queued for printing and mailing, faxed (via Interfax), or mailed directly (through PostalMethods).

Blesta also allows for one-time manual invoice creation with automatic draft saving.

Letter and A4 paper sizes, as well as standard and pro-forma invoice types, are all supported.

In comparison to other web hosting billing systems, the cost of the Blesta billing system is low. For only $15 per month, you can get an unbranded Blesta license. Visit Blesta website for a Free 30 day Trial.