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What is MultiPHP Manager?

MultiPHP Manager is a new tool that has been added to cPanel in conjunction with EasyApache 4. This feature enables users to choose which versions of PHP are used on their websites on a domain-by-domain basis. Example: If your server is running PHP 5.6 as its default PHP version, but your website requires PHP 7, instead of upgrading your entire server, you can use MultiPHP manager to upgrade only the domain that needs to be updated.


It is necessary to upgrade EasyApache to version 4 in order to use MultiPHP Manager.

MultiPHP Manager allows you to switch between different PHP versions.


You can easily update the PHP version on one of your domains by following these simple steps:

To begin, log into WHM as the root user by entering your username and password in the appropriate fields.

Search for Multi on the left-hand side menu after logging in, then under the Software section click on MultiPHP Manager once you’ve logged in.

The list of websites that are hosted on the server will be displayed on the right-hand side panel. Locate and select the website for which you’d like to change the PHP version from the list that appears.

The PHP Version drop-down menu allows you to choose the PHP version that you want to use for your website configuration.


*Please keep in mind that the versions that are available to you are determined by the versions that are enabled in EasyApache 4.


Once you’ve decided on your preferred PHP version, hit the Apply button to save your modifications.

After that, you should be able to see that the PHP version for the domain you’ve selected has been changed to the PHP version of your choosing.

That’s all there is to it! If you have additional domains for which you need to change the PHP version, simply repeat the above steps for each additional domain.